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The Academic Year, academic system


Academic year starts in the end of September or beginning of October - it varies each year. The first week of the semestre is very important for Erasmus students, so please, arrive before it starts. Each semestre ends with an exam period:

-winter semestre: February

-summer semestre: June (September only for those who do not pass in June).

Semestr zimowy (winter semester):

1st October - 15th February (2016/2017)

1st October - 21st February (2016/2017)

Semestr letni (summer semester):

16th February - 30th September (2016/2017)

22nd February - 30 September (2016/2017)

PDF calendar at University 2016/2017

Foreign students are advised to arrive in the last few days of September or in the first days of February, depending on the semester for which they have been admitted. This allows students sufficient time to take care of administrative matters such as bank accounts, health insurance and accommodation.

Every department publishes a Opisy przedmiotów before each semester (can be accessed on the internet on the homepages of the various departments). They contain detailed descriptions of the courses and indicate the amount of credits students may receive. It is also extremely useful as a source of information about courses for which students wish to receive credit after returning home.

There are three main kinds of course offered at the academy: Wykłady (Lectures), Seminaria (Seminars or Tutorials) and Ćwiczenia (Classes or Tutorials). While Wykłady are primarily lecture courses, Seminaria require students to participate in discussions and sometimes prepare oral presentations. Proseminaria are basic-level classes. In all departments you must sign up for Wykłady i Seminaria at the start of the semester. Lastly, Ćwiczenia allow students to develop specific types of skill.